Gerrie van Soeren

Personal Trainer

Gerrie van Soeren

Gerrie van Soeren is from the Netherlands and has lived in Ghana since 2010. She recently joined Supreme Healthcare Management Team. Her main goals in life has always been to help and serve others where needed. She has studied and worked in different sectors in life. She has done a lot of self-development courses and workshops. In 2001, she started practicing yoga and it changed her life from living as a person who lived life on a treadmill with hardly any emotions, to a person with energy, vision, joy and love for life. The key to achieving this is Yoga.

She defines Yoga as a word that comes from the ancient Sanskrit language which means Union.  Yoga is not only physical exercises which a lot of people tend to think when they hear the word. Yoga is a practice to bring union in the body, mind and spirit. The origin of Yoga comes from ancient India; it is a holistic way of creating balance in life and is not linked to any religion. Yoga improves the flexibility, strength, posture and body alignment, digestion, blood circulation and immunity system. Overall it helps the body feel healthier, more energetic and less prone to diseases and effects of the daily stresses in life.

Yoga Increases peace of mind, alertness, clarity, ability to deal effectively with short and long term stresses, concentration and enthusiasm for life. Through regular practice of Yoga, skills are developed to experience and understand the reality of life and see the beauty of it. It helps form a stronger and more loving connection with oneself. This creates fulfillment and purpose in a meaningful way. Out of fulfillment unconditional happiness can be experienced and the ability to share this joy with others.

In a nutshell Yoga help create balance peace and happiness.

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