Meeting The Asante Chief

The team   facilitated a  Wellness Fair  for HRH  Lady Julia and the Asante Chief. The  theme of the Fair was “MODERATION AND EXCERCISE:  ESSENTIAL INGREDIENTS IN MAINTIANING A HEALTHY LIFESTYLE”. Some of the topic for discussion was  exploring a clinical perspective of the benefit of moderation, exercise and Nutrition and common  lifestyle related disease: Hypertension, Diabetes etc. Overview of Health Initiatives to raise awareness of Healthy Eating and Fitness and forging  way forward in making Healthy Lifestyle more entrenched in our culture and attitude was an interesting point   of discussion. Emotional and Psychological Perspective of  Lifestyle choices was also factored in the agenda which explored the  development  and maintenance  a healthy relationship with  food through moderation. Common emotional related issues such as Stress, depression, anxieties,  weight management as a result of emotional eating etc that stems from lack of Moderation was highlighted.

The event was culminated with a private dinner  with the King and his wife Lady Julia  at their  Palace

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