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Welcome. Did you know that investing a little time and commitment in your WELLNESS journey is one of the best decisions you can make? The benefits are Priceless; because YOUR HEALTH IS YOUR WEALTH.

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We have highly experienced Counsellors/Psychotherapists/ Coaches who provide a variety of therapeutic intervention with the aim to promote Psychological and emotional well-being. We offer face to face counselling and Telephone helpline services which are highly confidential to address work/life balance issues. Our team of experts have a wealth of resources to assist clients.


It is a known fact that physiologically, touch triggers electrochemical impulses that relieve pain and contribute to the healing process. The half dozen or so sensory receptors located in the skin are electrically activated when stimulated by all varieties of touch, pressure and vibration.  .


Supreme Healthcare Management Services has Nutritionists and Dieticians who provide authentic nutrition-based wellness. Our experts work with clients to understand the nutritional content of food and its effects on their metabolism and physiology.  Our Programs help clients to super boost their diet by choosing foods that promote their wellness and assist in prolonging life span.


Supreme Healthcare Management Services Debriefing and defusing Interventions are provided within the first 24 to 72 hours after the initial impact of the critical event. The length of time between exposure to the event and CISD increases, the least effective CISD becomes. Therefore a close temporal (time) relationship between the critical incident and defusing and initial debriefing is crucial and imperative for CISM service delivery to be most beneficial and effective.



Supreme Healthcare Management Services Ltd takes the stress out of health fair planning for you and your organization.SWP health fairs promote workplace wellness with health education and physical activity programs, mind/body services, and preventive health screenings.


Our Expert Life Coaches provide Employees with authentic advice and support on career progression/direction and development, personal fulfillment, life changes and many more.

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Patience Osekre

Consultant Psychotherapist/Counsellor
Patience Osekre is a Psychotherapist and a Wellness Consultant trained in the UK with a wealth of experience and expertise in providing Emotional and Psychological Services for Individuals, Groups and Organisations.

Billie Richardson

Billie is a Psychotherapist, who is well experienced in Holistic Counselling, stress/conflict management and is also a motivational speaker. As one of the expert Professionals at Supreme Healthcare Management Services, she provides.......

Gerrie van Soeren

Personal Trainer
Gerrie van Soeren is from the Netherlands and has lived in Ghana since 2010. She recently joined Supreme Healthcare Management Team. Her main goals in life has always been to help and serve others where needed. She has studied and worked in different sectors in life. She has done a lot of self-development courses and...


Executive Coach, Personal Development Coach
Kathrin is a solution focused Coach and a certified NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) Practitioner who trained with Erickson International College based in Canada. She is a Ghanaian-German who grew up and schooled in Germany before she moved to Ghana where she has been resident for the past twelve years. This blend of exposure to two...

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